Falconry Based Bird Abatement

Falconry based bird abatement is the use of trained falcons to intimidate and scare off nuisance birds, such as Corellas and Gulls. An effective method of shifting large flocks of birds is by using trained Peregrine Falcons.

The larger the flock the easier it is to shift the birds using this particular method. The Falcon does not necessarily have to attack the birds – it just has to be in the air flying. The use of Falcons is environmentally friendly, no poisons are involved, and it is quiet and discrete.

Note that Falconry Based Bird Abatement is NOT the same as Falconry. Falconry is illegal in Australia and this is the hunting and killing of prey species with Raptors.  
The goal is to scare away the nuisance birds from the premises and property, not to kill the birds. Falcons are good in big wide open skies. However, if the bird problem requires a solution that needs to be close range, then this where other Raptors such as Goshawks or Barking Owls will be used.

Falcons and Flying Drones

Paul Willock, The Birdman uses the latest techniques in bird removal, including training his falcons to work with drones. The drone is placed at a particular height in the sky, such as at a 1000 metres and falcon is trained to retrieve the food sitting on top of the drone. As the Falcon flies up to the the top of the drone the effect is the flying falcon will flush out the birds that are a problem in the immediate vicinity.

Adelaide Bird Removal has used Falconry Based Bird Abatement at airports, sewerage farms, country towns, parklands, school, hospitals, vineyards, car manufacturing plants and more.


Large flocks of birds can cause extensive damage if the problem is not addressed as quickly and effectively as possible. For example, one job that Adelaide Bird Removal carried out was at a school where Little Corellas, which are also known as bare-eyed cockatoos, caused $100,000 damage to the school buildings and infrastructure.

The solution needed was to condition the Corellas to understand that this was now a bad environment for them to be in. The Birdman used a trained Falcon to condition the birds, This was done over a two week period from sunrise to sunset.
Usually a two to four week period is needed for a bird abatement such as this so that there is a negative re-enforcement on the birds. This means the birds will not return again to the property and thus in the long term saving the school/business/organisation further costs for damages.