Birds for TV and Film Work

Do you need birds for your TV Commercial or Film?

The Birdman, Paul Willock is an expert in the training of birds for the TV and Film Industry. Paul has trained and worked with Falcons, Hawks, Owls, Eagles and Crows, just to name a few. Paul trains the actual Crow for the Crows AFL Club Mascot.

Television Commercials

Examples of TV commercials Paul has trained birds for are:

Film Work

Paul also worked with the crows on the movie set of Wolf Creek and with the birds in the movie The Healing:  
Training birds for TV and Film Work is very highly specialised and it is something that Paul is very passionate about. It is an extremely unique skill set, demonstrated by the fact that there are only about 20 such Bird Training Professionals internationally. Working with birds in this way requires taking into account the environment of the people, the camera and the lights, along with the intricate timing involved to get the bird/s to perform in the manner required. .