Bird Nest Removal

Commercial and Residential Bird Nest Removal

Birds nests can often be found built in places such as the gutters and decks of homes and commercial premises. Bird nests have the potential to cause damage, notably with a build up of droppings that can cause erosion on some surfaces. Additionally, it sometimes can end up feeling like the birds are never going to leave – and in this way the birds can become quite a nuisance on the premises.

Starling Nests

There are several types of bird species that choose to build nests, with Starlings being one of the most common types of nest builders found in Adelaide, especially during the August to December breeding period. Their nests consist of grasses, leaves, twigs and items of human rubbish such as cotton and small bits of plastic.

The nests can be commonly found in any type of hollow, such as the hollow of trees as well as on gutters and roof edgings. Starlings can become particularly aggressive during breeding season when they are competing for nesting sites and then the noise level can be very high especially in the time when the young are being fed. They are also a well-known pest of orchards because of their nesting, eating and living habits. Additionally, Starlings are a large carrier of lice.  
Starlings are a non-native bird to Australia so no permit is required to remove the the birds and their nests. However, called on The Birdman and his team to do this removal job for you rather than trying to do it yourself, can mean quick and convenient removal and no need to get up into high spaces such as gutters – leave that to the experts.

Adelaide, Australia