The Bird Man

Paul Willcock owns and manages Adelaide Bird Removal and is known as The Bird Man.  He is a licensed professional shooter who not only works in the Pest Bird Removal industry, but he also trains a variety of birds for the TV and Film Industry.
Paul has been working on a professional basis with birds for over 10 years. He has worked with a large number of clients throughout Australia. Prior to working in the Pest Bird Removal Industry, Paul worked in the farming and mechanic fields; he is a “jack of all trades.”

Paul Willcock Falcon Expert

Paul’s absolute passion is Falcons. He is licensed to keep falcons at his Adelaide property for using in both his pest bird removal work and for clients who need them in television and film work. Paul has undertaken a lot of training in the United States for his work with Falcons, as well as growing his knowledge and understanding by going out and simply working with the Falcons.

Working with falcons is a highly specialised field of expertise and it is very much a self-taught profession. One who trains falcons must understand them and secondly, they must understand their prey. It is this high level of knowledge and understanding that Paul has, that makes him  a world renowned expert in this field.

Paul is well connected internationally in the Falcon and Pest Bird Industry and is able to call upon a range of specialists for advice or assistance when needed for the work that Adelaide Bird Removal does. Paul has represented Australia at International Falconry meetings and he has done presentations for large Falcon groups overseas on Australian Raptors.  

Adelaide Bird Removal Team

Paul works closely with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources in South Australia,  Paul and his team, that he uses to help with the pest bird extermination in Adelaide, all have current security, investigation and firearm licences for the work that they carry out.
The staff are well trained and experienced Licensed Professional Shooters. Their backgrounds include working as a Wildlife Park Ranger and another who worked as a Policeman for a number of years. The Adelaide Bird Removal team design and make their own traps and specialist enclosures.

Australasian Pest Bird Network (APBN)

Adelaide Bird Removal are members of the Australasian Pest Bird Network. APBN is for the purpose of encouraging discussion on pests bird and for enabling practitioners that work in this field to keep up to date with current research and to have an avenue for requesting information.